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Until you own your own, you can't be free.

When I was attempting to conquer the corporate world, I had all types of support from friends and family. People were proud that I buckled down and started acting like an adult. I was relentless. I wanted to be a store manager so bad. I worked my way up the hard way. Working shifts no one else wanted to work. Working longer hours than anyone else. Kissing hella ass. Whatever it took to get to the top of middle management, I did it. I thought I would be happy when I achieved the success that I worked so hard for. That was not the case. I still felt empty. Still felt unfulfilled. So what I had the CEOs ear, I wasn't the CEO! I was just a worker. I didn't own anything. I had nothing to pass on to my kids. I was still worth more dead than alive. I became tired of the corporate world, and I decided to tell jokes with the hopes of owning my own entertainment company and chain of comedy clubs. I'm in business for myself now, and I go even harder than I did when I was trying to move up the corporate ladder. But the support that I had when I had a job dwarfs the support that I get now. People can't relate to the risks that are being taken on a daily basis. It's no joke, and people think you're absolutely nuts for taking a leap of faith instead of getting a job. Shoutout to everyone taking risks to become the best version of themselves. I see you and I want you to know that you motivate me. And to the people who think we are crazy, I have two words for you; we'll see. 

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