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Pull Ya skirt Down, B.

When did everyone become so damn sensitive? It baffles me that, even in the comedy world, people are very easily offended. I'm starting to think that anything I say can offend anyone at any given time. When did this start? When did it become cool to get upset all the time over nothing? I come from an era and a town where you had to have thick skin or you would get destroyed every single day of your life. I was in roasts(aka sessions aka crackin' aka the dozens) almost every day. Only day I had off was Sunday, because I was in church all day. Roasts were fun, and for the most part, harmless. Do feelings get hurt at times? Hell yeah. But they were only hurt because you lost the battle. Ego was hurt more than feelings. Now people just bitch and moan about every joke; it doesn't even have to be about them. The shit is sad. And these are so called comedians. they should know how to take a joke, and how to respond. I have no problem taking a joke. 

I've become great at that. Most of my friends are complete jerks, so we go back and forth all the time. It's fun, and it sharpens your wits. we need to learn to have fun again. We need to learn how to laugh at ourselves again. I made some jokes about Usher's latest accuser yesterday. I made some fat jokes, and people lost their minds. They even started roasting me; some jokes were all in fun(and funny), others were just forms of rage. Either way, I was quick to respond, just to show that I was a good sport. Some pointed out the fact that I'm fat, too. I know that! I address it on stage every chance I get. It's funny to me. As a matter of fact, the fatter I get, the funnier I become. it's an asset if you learn how to make light of yourself for the benefit of your audience. I say all of this to say, please lighten up. Stop putting a stranglehold on comedy. You bitter party poopers are spoiling it for the people who actually like to have a good time. 

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