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"Everybody Wants To Be Famous....."

Having a team is essential to a person's overall success. It's impossible to make your dreams come true without some kind of help. I know this first hand. the support of friends and family, and help from your business partners are the only way you can truly make it. But sometimes, it's just you. Sometimes, when all else fails, you have to go at it alone. When you're told no, when the delay is too long, or when people are just fucking up, you have to get the job done yourself. I'm totally fine with failing when I've tried my best. But when I lose because of someone else's mistakes, or unwillingness to put in the work, that really bothers me. There's been several instances where I've suffered due to another person's blunder, and they just walk off while I have to pick up the pieces and regroup. Your team has to care just as much as you do, or the shit just won't work. There's been times when I've been more passionate about a company than the owner, and when I get fed up and leave, the company or project is defunct in a matter of months. There's been times when I've just fallen back just to see who will pick up the slack, and no one ever does. I've had huge deals on the table that would've taken us to the next level, but we fell short because we just couldn't execute. I don't really know what it is, because I work with some very talented and intelligent people. Maybe they're afraid of success. That sounds crazy, but a lot of people are terrified of making it. They don't know what's on the other side, and it frightens them. I need to work with people who aren't afraid. I need a team that's willing to do the dirty work; do what needs to be done so we can reach that point where we can finally do what we want. The grind isn't pretty, and a lot of people aren't built for it. I get that, but don't pretend that you are. You have to work just as hard for yourself as you do when you punch a clock, maybe even more so. I've taken a step back from some projects to focus on what's working, and to help the people that are helping themselves. If you're serious about a project, I'm your guy. If not, don't pretend to be. This ain't for you.

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