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The Philadelphia Screw Job

I had an amazing set on Tuesday night at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. People stopped me in the street to tell me that I was by far the best comedian on the show. On any other night, that type of attention would've felt incredible, but on that night, the more compliments I got, the angrier I became. I counted how many people came up to me to tell me how great I was. 61. 61 people felt the need to tell me I was hilarious. The part that's really funny, had those 61 people actually voted that way, I would've advanced to the semis of the contest. But those people were there to see their friends or family on stage, and they were voting for them whether they were good or not, so I lost when I was clearly the best and should've won. I witnessed the true power of support that night. Support is what gets you over the hump. Talent and hard work are very important if you want to achieve success, but support is something you MUST have, or those other things mean nothing. I saw it first hand. I saw people advanced who didn't deserve it, but they had more people rocking with them. Now, those people laughed harder during my set than they did for the people they came to support, which is dope. But while they were laughing at my jokes, they still knew what they were there for. They had a job to do, and they did it. Support is work; That's why people are so reluctant to do it. It takes your time. It takes effort. Only selfless people support. I don't have many of those types of people in my corner. It's unfortunate, but it was an eye opener. I had to go through that to see that talent and the work just aren't enough. I need a strong support group or none of this will work. That's the next phase of this journey; weeding out the people who I don't need. People who just waste time, money, and life. People who will be there with their hand out if this thing works, even if they've never been to a show. I was robbed on Tuesday, but not by the people who voted for their friends and family. It's not their fault. I was robbed by the people who say they want to see me win, because that's not true. I'm mad at myself for letting people use me for my resources, and never gaining anything from it myself. I'm mad at myself for choosing the wrong people to associate with. I got screwed like Bret Hart in Montreal. I was robbed the way Marvin Hagler felt he was when he lost his middleweight title to Sugar Ray. It sucks, but I'm moving on. And I'm moving on without a lot of people. This comedy thing will work, because I'm great at it. Now all I need are some great people who believe. I have a few, and I love ya'll, but it's time to destroy and rebuild. Until next time..........

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