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The Brian Isley Podcast Begins.......

I like to run my mouth. That should be no secret. I love giving my view on almost everything. I'm not where I want to be as far as comedy goes, so there are days in between gigs. Sometimes, there are A LOT of days in between gigs, so I have to keep myself occupied. Podcasting gives me that platform to speak without the pressures of trying to make people laugh. When I'm on stage, I have a job to do, which is entertain. Podcasting is the total opposite. I can just be me, and that's a lot of things; introspective, critical, sarcastic, humble, arrogant, right, wrong, opinionated......

On stage, you only get a part of me. When you hear me live on air or on your podcasting app, you get all of me. I became addicted to podcasting. I'm still addicted. I'm also addicted to creating content. Creating and producing shows is so much fun. The first show I created, produced, and hosted was BoomBoxLife. The site and clothing line were created by Saquion Gullet. I was in charge of hosting and creating a format. Maleek Brown-Kwubiri and Canil 1000 made up the panel, with Maleek eventually taking over hosting duties. The show was based on our love of hip hop. We discussed trends, news, and most importantly, the culture. I loved the show because it had four different personalities expressing four totally different opinions and views. It used to get heated in the studio, and I loved every minute of it. Boomboxlife gave life to several other podcasts, and I was bitten by the bug. All I wanted to do was create shows or recruit talent and deliver them to Wildfire Radio, the station where Boomboxlife and so many other Philly area podcasts called home. Overall, 5 shows were created because of BBL, and Wildfire took notice. I was offered commission for every podcast that I brought to them, and for every portable device I sold. The portable "sparks" are essentially mini studios, and they're for people who love the DIY approach, without actually doing it all by yourself. I thought I'd be with Wildfire forever, but there were issues regarding pay, and I felt underappreciated. After months of not receiving payment for new shows and portable spark sales, I decided that I would leave Wildfire. That meant I was leaving NBA Panel, which is one of the highest rated shows on the station, and its host John Weatherspoon. John has worked extremely hard to make NBA Panel a legit source for NBA news, stats, and opinions. He's created a network of people who are tops in their professions, and he did this with very limited resources. He's covered the Naismith Memorial Hall Of Fame Enshrinement for 3 years in a row, and has had some of the top names in broadcasting as guests. I hated leaving him, but I had to take a stand for what I believed was mistreatment and neglect on Wildfire's behalf. 

    I left the company, but I still had a podcasting itch that needed to be scratched. I didn't know what I wanted to talk about. I didn't even know how or where to begin. Then I saw a post from Quan "Uncle Rico" Jones. Rico is a co founder and host of Drunk Unks, a spinoff of BBL. The Drunk Unks left Wildfire as well, and brought their show over to an app called Anchor. I was intrigued and I started to investigate. What I found was astounding. Anchor is everything! I can record, post and advertise with just my phone or tablet. It's super convenient, and its free! I don't have to pay for studio time. The best part is that Anchor wants you to monetize your podcast, so they recruit sponsors and bring them to YOU. This was a no brainer! I immediately set up an Anchor account and began recording The Brian Isley Podcast. I'm back in the game, baby!! What's crazy is, after recording my first episode, Anchor paid me for recording an ad on my show. I got paid DAY ONE! Anchor paid me more money in one day than Wildfire paid me in 4 years and 5 shows. I think I've made the right decision. It feels good to be back in the podcast game. It feels good to voice my opinion. It feels good to talk my shit. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy talking. The Brian Isley Podcast is available on and Stitcher. It will be available on other platforms soon. And to all potential sponsors, please contact me via:

@BrianIsley on Instagram or 

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