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Put on for "Sale City."

Saquion Gullet absolutely loves his hometown. That can't be disputed. He loves everyone from Salem, and everyone loves him. He supports everyone and everything that comes out of the city, from the obvious emerging superstardom of Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor, to the fledgling music and media personalities currently bubbling under the radar. He reps Salem every chance he gets, and works with almost anyone who has a dream to create a better life for themselves and bring honor and pride to the City Of Salem. 

Saquion has been many things since I've known him. A rapper, a hustler, a poet, an activist, a fashion designer, a radio host, a philanthropist, and now, a published author. Saquion channeled his love for his city with his love for storytelling to bring you "Sale City." SC is literary gumbo. It has everything in it. There's a love story. There's comedy. There's the streets. And the most intriguing part of the book, in my opinion, is Saquion's ability to teach the hidden history of Salem's lost African American heroes. I learned things about Salem reading this book that I should've learned in school. The history lessons fit the story. It didn't seem like I was being forced to learn. It was organically infused into the pictures Saquion eloquently painted, providing amazing cohesion throughout the read. Not too many first time authors can pull off such a feat, but of course, Saquion found a way. 🙄🤣 The writing versatility was on full display. "Sale City" is Dawson's Creek meets The Wire meets Friday. Several plots and subplots intertwined without ruining the full story. A lot was going on, but not too much. The reader will be engaged from beginning to end, and the ending will have you clamoring for more, all ingredients for creating a fantastic book. I'm very proud of what my friend was able to accomplish by writing this book. I can't wait to get my copy signed by him this Saturday at Jewel's Cafe in Salem. "Sale City" is now one of the city's gems that should be treasured forever. Congratulations, bro. Awesome job! 

If you haven't picked up your copy of "Sale City," go to Amazon.Com today or meet Saquion this Saturday at Jewel's Cafe 203 E Broadway Suite 104 Fenwick Plaza in Salem, NJ at 3:30pm 

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