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Give Us This Day...Our Daily Joke.

I want to be the best stand up comedian I can be. I want to fully maximize whatever potential I have. Since the start of the new year, I've made a commitment to write a bit every day. So far, I've stuck with it, and I've written 23 brand new bits. Out of those 23, 20 of them are complete shit. Out of the remaining 3, 2 are ok and can be better if I continue to work on them. Only 1 is a killer and will work immediately. I'm figuring out that this should be my new process of writing. I have to get all of it out. I can't sit on ideas, even if they're horrible. Those bad jokes led me to the ok jokes and those ok jokes led me to the killer. I also want to improve on my ability to turn a bad joke into a good one. Those shitty jokes that I have will not be discarded. I will work on them until they're good enough to flesh out on stage at open mics. And they will continue to be worked on until I can perform them on paid gigs. A comedian can never have enough material, and they certainly can never have too much. I want to be one of those comics who always have fresh material. I can't be the comic with the 6 year old jokes wondering why I can't get to the next level. I have to keep up, and writing daily will give me an advantage over most. They say hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. That statement is very true in the world of comedy. If you're not on your grind every single day(writing, hitting mics, networking, etc.), you will be left behind. I'm not trying to be left behind. No Siree Bob. So with that being said, it's time to go write joke number 24. Have a productive Thursday, everybody!!!

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