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I Don't Know How To Hog Tie People....

The title of this blog has absolutely nothing to do with the actual content of the entry. I just think it's one of the funniest things i've ever heard. I needed a good laugh before I started this, because I'm about to get serious for a few hundred words. 

*sighs*.....ok, here goes nothing.....I haven't been the best husband and father. Ever since I started doing comedy 5 years ago, I've made that my primary focus, neglecting my duties as man of the house on numerous occasions. I started developing very bad habits. I would stay out late when I didn't need to. I started drinking....a lot. I associated myself with people I wouldn't normally hang around. I was living a totally separate life from my family. I was angry, jealous, and resentful. I was blaming my wife for our problems, when I should've been blaming myself. I felt my marriage slipping away. I figured, to stop the bleeding, I'd just ask for a divorce, and we can just move on. I even left home for a few days. I'll never do that again. Being away from my family was agonizing, and I can't imagine doing that permanently. I had to make some serious changes. I confided in my wife about some things, and we've been having some of the most candid conversations we've ever had in our relationship. A lot of it hurt, but I believe it was all therapeutic, and will make our union stronger than it ever was. I apologized for mistakes I've made. My wife has been very understanding, empathetic, and forgiving. I'm very thankful for that. She said no matter what, we're family, and we always will be. So we might as well work things out. She's committed to the long haul. She's always been. I was the one messing up. I was the one putting our family in jeopardy. I was the one who almost ruined everything. I'm very sorry about that. No one can avoid pitfalls. I was naive to think that I was going to have a perfect marriage and a perfect family. This is work. I stopped working on it

. I stopped doing my job. I stopped being the husband and father that I vowed to be. But the good thing is it's not too late to fix it. I've made some changes. You won't see me hanging out. You won't catch me at the bar "networking." If I'm not on the show, I won't be there. I'm a family man who's also a comedian, not a comedian who just so happens to have a family. My wife and girls will be first from now on. Brian Isley is just a character on stage. Brian Thompson is the real man. 

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