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I guess I'm a Hater

Are we no longer allowed to voice our opinions? Are we no longer allowed to critique things anymore? Why do we have to keep quiet about everything now? If I don't like something, I have to keep my mouth shut about it so I won't offend the people that do like it. Any disapproval about anything could very well land you in the hater zone. This ridiculous way of thinking has given people license to say or do whatever they want, even if it's complete garbage. People can put out terrible music, write and recite terrible jokes, and even become president without being held accountable for anything. The critic is needed to put things into proper perspective. The critic is needed to keep people in check. Critics are needed to hold people to a certain standard, and to separate the bad from the good, the good from the great, and the great from the best. We can't just put anything out for public consumption and expect no feedback. That's not the way the world works. The hater term, while created to combat negative behavior, has done way more harm than good. It was innocent when the phrase was created. You really had to do or say something hateful for you to be considered a hater. But now, all you have to do is say, "I don't like it," and you're instantly a hater. Amy Schumer is catching a lot of flack for her performance in her new comedy special, "The Leather Special." Comedians and fans of stand up have gone as far as to say she's blatantly stealing material from other comics, not even making an attempt to even tweak it and try to make it sound like her own jokes. There's even video evidence of comics like Dave Attell and Dave Chappelle saying a joke, and then a clip is played showing Schumer saying the joke almost word for word. Seems to me that she's become the Melania Trump of comedy. When I made my displeasure known via social media(facebook is my rant platform of choice), I was attacked by other comics. Some commented on my post, and some made their own posts. One said, "I'll care about your opinions about Amy Schumer when you have your own Netflix special." To me, that's utterly ridiculous. So we can't comment on someone's work until we attain massive success ourselves? We can't comment on pro athletes because we don't play pro sports? We can't comment on how the president is doing because we're not in politics? We can't complain about our food in a restaurant because we're not chefs? This dumb way of thinking is hurting us as a society. it's giving our children license to just do everything half-assed. It's saying it's ok to not give maximum effort. It's saying it's ok to be average or mediocre. It's not ok. There's absolutely nothing wrong with calling people out on their shit. There's nothing wrong with wanting a better product. There's nothing wrong with saying something sucks! I will always voice my opinion. It's why I became a comedian in the first place. Don't just fall in line. Don't keep your thoughts to yourself. Speak your mind! I'll never stop speaking mine.

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