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Step by Step. Day by Day.

I put too much pressure on myself sometimes. I want to be successful, and I want to be successful right damn now. So I come up with ideas and go to work on them immediately. I've realized that some of those ideas never worked out because I was working on something else(and 3 other things) at the same time. The ability to multitask is a good skill to have, but for me, I think I'm at my best when I'm focusing on one goal at a time. 

I was supposed to record my third album this spring, but I've decided to put that on hold because I was also writing my first book and still pursuing opportunities in stand up comedy. Working on several things while still trying to raise a family is daunting to say the least. So I decided to break my year down into fourths. For three months, I'll go hard on one project, finish it, then move on to the next. Each project would have my undivided attention to ensure success. Starting in April, I'll be solely focused on finishing my book. Starting in July, I'll focus on crafting my next album. In October, I'll begin preparing for real estate school. Writing down these goals and giving each a deadline to complete creates balance, structure, and a heightened sense of urgency and focus to get the jobs done. It forces me to maintain discipline and not venture off into doing something else. My brain is always on 

overdrive, so I'm putting blinders on my mind's eye. I've had discussions with my wife about my aspirations recently, and she also agrees that one goal at a time is the best route for me. She's expressed concern about the workload that I put on myself, and she fears that I'll burn myself out, or just quit altogether. Having a clear vision and tackling each goal individually will lessen the load, increase my enthusiasm and focus, and ultimately make me happier. I'm looking forward to working on and completing each project that I have for 2019. And I look forward to celebrating my future success with friends and family soon. 

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