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Brian Isley: Out Of Touch

On Saturday, August 19th, I'll be delivering my FIFTH comedy showcase. This time, it's in Wilmington, DE at ACT Generation studios! ACT is budding internet based, mobile television platform. ACT allows their customers to view original programming 24/7. Live, pre recorded, and PPV events are available. The ACT Boom Network is the new wave of TV, and they're partnering up with me, StarCornerComedy, and BoomBoxLife for future shows. This comedy special will be the fifth showcase produced by StarCornerComedy. We've had moderate success with each special.

BrianIsleyLive was sold out in a matter of days, and provided an alternative form of entertainment for residents of Penns Grove, NJ. 

   DeadWrong has been the most successful show to date, selling out 2 shows in less than a week. The Comedy Hideaway in Atlantic City was rocking. The club asked for an encore show 2 weeks later, which was also sold out. The video for that event can be viewed on 

   iHateEarth was also held at The Comedy Hideaway, and showcased some the east coast's beat up and coming comedians. 

   Cancel Christmas kicked off the partnership with The Woodstone in Magnolia, NJ. This beautiful venue held 3 StarCorner events including The White Affair party, a joint venture between BoomBoxLife and Flyanthropy. This new showcase will feature some of the funniest people on the east coast. The lineup includes:

Spencer Prescott(What's Funny web series, Atlantic City Comedy Club)

Andrew Fox(The Crapulent, WHOMAGTV, Back Home, and The Andrew Fox Show)

Domo Jones(New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Comic Strip, Punchline Philly.) 

Show will be hosted by the hilarious LaTice Klapa(The View, Funny Bits Radio, Punchline Philly.) 

Tickets are on sale now

Don't miss this groundbreaking event!!!!

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